Bandarlampung, - Another excellent achievement had been achieved by students of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, one of the best private universities in Lampung. This time, the national level achievements were achieved by students of the English Literature Study Program. In the event “The 20th ALSA English Challenge”, a national level English Competition held by the ALSA Padjadjaran University Bandung, two students of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia came out as national champions.

Usually, the competition was held directly in Bandung. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the ALSA English Challenge Competition was held online through video submission to the committee.

After going through a fairly rigorous judging process by the jury, it was finally announced on October 3, 2020 via a zoom conference. With participants consisting of well-known high school and top universities in Indonesia, the delegates of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia became the winners.

The delegates of UniversitasTeknokrat Indonesia who won the national level champion are Andi Tri Santoso (English literature student batch 2017) as the first winner of newscasting. Andi raised an actual theme that is still happening currently by compiling news about "COVID 19 Prevention in Indonesia".

Another student from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia who achieved achievement is Shana Makhmood Khan (Student of English literature batch 2018), came out as the Third winner of speech and as the favorite winner. She raised the theme "The impact of cutting education costs during the COVID-19 pandemic for students in Indonesia."

The competition advisor and the supervisor of UKM Teknokrat English Club, Suprayogi, SS, M.Hum, when asked for his comments, Saturday (3/10/2020), explained that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia students remained active and productive in various activities, both in local and also in national.

In particular, students who are members of Teknokrat English Club continue to participate in national competitions during this pandemic. With all the challenges of the pandemic, the students continue to practice and produce results as champions.

"I am proud of Andi and Shana because of their good spirit and competitive attitude, always beopen to feedback and the initiative to do additional training. Hopefully this can be an example for other students that during this pandemic we must keep trying to actualize ourselves and remain productive," said Suprayogi.

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